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Wednesday, April 26, 2018
Dear Union ESD Families,
By this time, you should be aware that there is an emergency closing of all UESD schools this Thursday, April 26thand Friday, April 27th. All UESD schools will be closed. Although schools will be closed, breakfast may be eaten at your home school 8:00-8:30 a.m. and lunch from 11:00-11:30 a.m. on the days school is closed. Families will continue to be notified via our School-Messenger emergency notifications system, which includes automated calls and/or email (if provided to the school) and SMS text  message (if families have opted in) with information about school closures. At this time, we are planning to resume normal school operations on Monday, April 30, 2018.Below is an FAQ we hope will answer some immediate questions you may have.
1.Do parents need to contact their school to report an absence?
No. Parents will not need to contact schools to report an absence
if the school is closed.
2.Does the closure also affect preschool programs?
Yes. The preschool program will be cancelled.
3.Does the closure affect before and after-school programs?
Yes. All before-and after-school programs are cancelled. Cancelled programs include: PAC and 21stCenturyenrichment or tutoring programs.
4.Will the district be able to provide meals?
Yes. We intend to provide breakfast and lunch at all school sites for enrolled students who need services.
5.Will athletic programs including sports practices and games be affected?
Yes. All practices and games will be cancelled.
6.Would school closures affect 8th grade promotion dates?
 Promotion dates and times currently remain as scheduled. Should anything change,   we will provide as much advance notice as possible.
7.Are scheduled school field trips also cancelled? 
Yes. As we are unable to safely chaperone these trips.
8.If school is closed, would the school year be extended?
It depends. If the closure does not extend beyond the two days currently planned for, we will not need to extend the school year. If we must close schools for more than the two days, then we would be required
to make up that time starting May 29th until the statutory instructional minutes are met.
Thank you in advance for your patience during this difficult time.
Lorah J. Neville

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